Your swimming pool is a major investment for relaxation, fun and fitness. Since its cleanliness and water quality impact your enjoyment and health, why take chances with its maintenance and care?
  Almaden Valley Water Pros provides quality and dependable residential swimming pool service and swimming pool repair in Almaden and Blossom Valley only. By limiting our service area we are able to provide you with an unparalleled response and competitive pricing when compared to other San Jose pool service companies. All work is completed by the uniformed owner/operator who is a 32 year experienced pool professional. We are licensed by the state of California, Contractor #695099 and the City of San Jose. We are chemically certified by and proud members of the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association (IPSSA). We are bonded and carry general liability insurance.
                                          Protecting Your Swimmers :
  The single most important function of your service company is to protect your swimmers from waterborne bacteria and diseases. Almaden Valley Water Pros protects your swimmers with experience by applying the highest quality chemicals at weekly intervals. We are also experts at prevention and eradication of all forms of algae.
                                          Protecting Your Investment :
  Proper maintenance at weekly intervals are key to the longevity of your pool investment. Almaden Valley Water Pros will provide weekly maintenance with necessary cleaning and chemicals. We maximize the useful life of your pool surface reducing the need for expensive resurfacing.
                                                    Saving Energy :
  With optimum chemistry and cleaning, filtration run times can be reduced to as little as 4 hours per day, potentially saving hundreds per year. We also carry a full line of energy efficient pumps and heaters including California title 20 compliant two speed, multi speed and variable speed pumps.